SMF chat module integration

This CMS requires downloading and installing a separate module.

  1. Download Chatwee mod for Simple Machines Forum here to your local hard drive.
  2. Login to your Simple Machines Forum admin dashboard, hover the mouse over the Admin in the main menu and click Package Manager.
  3. From the Package Manager menu go to Download Packages page.
  4. Upload the downloaded zip file and click Upload button on the right.

    Alternatively, you can use other methods available e.g. providing the direct link to the chat module, but the key here is to get your package uploaded on the server.

  5. After your chat mod is successfully uploaded you need to install it so return to Browse Packages page.
  6. From the Modification Packages list search for Chatwee Plugin and click Install Mod button on the right. You will be redirected to the chat module setup page.
  7. Copy and paste the is installation code into an empty box. Save your changes.