Accomplish even more with our new chat widget!

So, how does it differ from the one you see to the right? Well, it has multiple chat rooms, group conversations, offline messaging and different design. Essentially, it’s geared towards the needs of your online community even better.

Ok, let me see it Nope, I’m good

Not trying to push anything on you. We just want you to make the most informed decision possible.

What's the Status section used for?

In this section, you can turn the chat on your website on or off. Should the need arise, uncheck the box labeled Enable Chatwee to make the chat window disappear immediately.

It is convenient and safe, because you do not have to remove the installation code from your HTML markup or uninstall the Chatwee plugin from the CMS you are using.

The Status section also lets you decide whether the chat is displayed, depending on screen resolution. Thus, unchecking Enable Chatwee on mobile devices will disable the chat on screens where the width is less than 1024px.