Accomplish even more with our new chat widget!

So, how does it differ from the one you see to the right? Well, it has multiple chat rooms, group conversations, offline messaging and different design. Essentially, it’s geared towards the needs of your online community even better.

Ok, let me see it Nope, I’m good

Not trying to push anything on you. We just want you to make the most informed decision possible.

Webnode chat installation

  1. Enter your Webnode project editing section.
  2. Click on Contents > Embed code and paste the Chatwee chat script into the displayed box. Save changes.
  3. You’ll see the information saying that the content has been blocked due to security reasons. Click the link to confirm you want it displayed anyway. The chat should now appear on your website.
  4. Please keep in mind that due to Webnode’s nature, only the fixed tab chat display mode is possible and there’s no option do implement the Single Sign-on.